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  1. Home World, by Bonnie M. looks to be quite fascinating! I have read all the blurbs about it and reviews and I am deciding to buy it, I think, to read this T’giving break. I am hoping to be able to compare it to the Tom Hanks movie / and the book, Cloud Atlas. In that book, the section “106 winters after The Fall” depicts post-apocalyptic Hawaii. I carefully read this section of Cloud Atlas and studied the movie and found this section of Cloud Atlas very unsatisfying and have since been looking for another take on far in the future life in Polynesia and the Pacific. From what I have read, Bonnie’s book, Home World, sounds to be a terrific counter point to the Cloud Atlas work!! It’s a fuller and more interesting approach to same, without the cumbersome pidgin English of Cloud Atlas and the convoluted sub-plot of same. I really think I’ll like Home World as much as Hunger Games, etc., and as a Sci-Fi fan who is looking for a different take on the future and with a west coast / Pacific flavor ( why do all “set in the future’s” have to be in post NYC or Mel’s Australia, or District 12? ) I’ll let you guys know here in a couple of weeks if Home World lives up to my excitement about it, or post a review on her Amazon page….

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