Olivia Evans Books-Review


Home Worlds! If you haven’t read it you definitely should.  I have recently been getting into the Sci-Fi genre and this was definitely a great book to pull me further in.  Milani uses her words to create a world so vivid I can visualize everything and for me this is important because if I can’t see it I can’t get into the book. The book is full of great characters both supporting and main that create great depth to the story.  They were so realistic I could almost imagine them as real people.  This book has a little of everything.  Political intrigue that will keep you on your toes wondering what will unfold next and of course the steamy romance.

If you are interested in reading Sci-Fi this is definitely a book you should add to your collection.  I’m going to give this book 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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