Home World

cover of Bonnie Milani's novel "Homeworld"

Set in the devastated remains of a future Waikiki, this is a story of love and redemption in a whirl of interstellar politics.


On the surface Jezekiah Van Buren is living every man’s dream. He is young, handsome, lives on the fabled shores of Waikiki, and is the designated future Lord High Protector of Earth. Yet behind the public facade the once-glittering hotels of old Honolulu are nothing but blackened skeletons, the Protectorship a gilded prison. And beneath it all lies a truth deadly enough to destroy the star-flung Van Buren Commonwealth. Jezekiah’s only hope of saving his world from its death spiral is to seal a peace treaty with Strongarm, the alpha warlord of Earth’s most ancient enemy, the Lupans. Only to seal the treaty, Jezekiah must convince his tech wiz sister Letticia to marry Strongarm – and Letticia refuses to cooperate. Now Jezekiah must either forfeit his life, or sacrifice the only woman he has ever loved, the native Hawaiian girl Keiko Yakamoto. The girl whose father is Earth’s greatest Samurai. And who is a trained assassin for the outlawed gang that seeks to destroy Van Buren and Lupan alike.